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“I thought I would have had this figured out by now.”

Today’s intro is from Chairman Mom engineer Monica Engel, and it’s all about the conflicting feelings around changing one’s name after marriage.

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I’m recently married and I thought I would have had my name change figured out by now. I had a decently long engagement, just over a year and a half, and since day one I really struggled with the thought of a name change. My maiden name was my life-long identity and the last of its kind in my family. I am the youngest and last of my generation—made up of all women who changed their last name with marriage—to get married. I felt as if I was the only one left holding down the Engel fort. Read more...

Good things come to those who persist

Our culture is so conditioned to want instant and amazing results on everything. Startups need to have hockey stick growth. Weight loss plans need to lose 10 pounds in the first two weeks. Love at first sight was so the core to every fairy tale that Disney finally explicitly mocked it in Frozen. Flipping houses is better than lazy old appreciation over a 30-year mortgage. 

But we all know that most things that are meaningful and lasting take time. The most patience I’ve ever had was when I was going through my divorce. I kept telling myself that we’d spent 15 years putting our lives together and it simply wasn’t going to be pulled apart in a matter of weeks or even months. Looking back now, I’m glad we took the time. (Not so glad we spent unnecessary money fighting over things with lawyers that we’d already privately agreed on… ) Read more...

No more “mama juice”?


I’ve been traveling a lot and dealing with a lot of intense family stuff this year (on top of the usual intense work stuff). I just got home from a trip that was so stressful I got chest pains the one day I didn’t work out. We all have ways of coping with stress, and my body was very clearly telling me that working out is essential for me at this time in my life. 

I am not an emotional eater. I am not into marijuana, legal or otherwise. But working out and drinking wine are my go-to self-medicines. As I’ve done more of the former over the last two years, I’ve done less of the latter. I didn’t drink at all for eight months of last year, just to reset things after way too much wine was consumed during the emotional rollercoaster of 2016 and 2017, the election, the #MeToo movement, and so much more. But I still frequently have a glass of wine in my hand at meals and get-togethers still because, well, “Why not?” I think.  Read more...

Ready to blob

Newsletter editor Lily here.

I’ve mentioned this on a few occasions over the past few months, but I’ve really been through it the past year and a half. To be honest, I always kind of thought I was about the early/mid-20s slump—until it actually hit me. Hard.

Luckily, I’ve started doing the internal work and reflecting on what I want to do next, and things are really starting to come together. But in the meantime, with my 4.5-day holiday weekend upon me (I’m literally on a train going upstate to visit my mom as you read this), I’m ready for one thing and one thing only: To blob. Read more...

How you can kick a dent in the patriarchy today

Sorry to do two Uber themed intros in one week, but my good friend Susan Fowler’s memoir about her journey to Silicon Valley and her experience calling out Uber is finally available for pre-sale! You need to go order it RIGHT NOW!

Trust me when I say this book will be well worth the purchase price. There is so much in it that NO ONE knows. And Susan has been pretty mum on a lot of the background of her decision to come forward—culminating in the most untouchable bros in tech being brought down and her landing on the cover of Time as a co-person of the year. There is a reason the creative forces behind Hidden Figures optioned it for a movie before it was even written. Read more...

The reason I went full cottontail four years ago

I have been the subject of about 8,546,789 Internet mobs in my career. (Approximate count) During most of them I chose to keep my head down and not comment and let it blow over. I was lucky enough to learn young that these things always blow over and are rarely as big of a deal as they seem at the time.

But when Uber threatened to go after my family, it was a different matter because it involved my kids and a deeply unethical company that I knew would stop at nothing unless it cost them money. So I made a rare decision to go “full cottontail” as I phrased it in my book.  Read more...

Karma was swift

Newsletter editor Lily here with a quick story of when the universe works in mysterious ways.

As some of you might recall, I’ve had endless issues with the apartment I moved into earlier this year. (Refresher: On my move-in day in the dead of winter, there was no heat, no appliances, no hinges on multiple doors, etc.) The latest problem seems to be a water leak spanning an entire side of my apartment. Of course, my landlord is pretending that multiple water leaks occurring in the same part of the apartment is just sheer coincidence. Read more...

“Don’t ever let her show her arms in public again.”

You know that phrase, “never meet your heroes”? Well, if your hero happens to be Trisha Yearwood, completely ignore it. She is amazing. 

This is my third (and final!) post about the Women at Zynga event I was part of Monday which resonated with me so deeply I’ve had to take a few days to share everything! 

Trisha Yearwood was exactly as down to earth and badass and plain spoken about what’s right and wrong as you would hope an absolute queen of her industry would be. She has pioneered an effort to get women played more on country radio, straight up calling out the misogyny and BS excuses for why, say, two women can’t be played back-to-back because supposedly listeners will change the station. “Will they?” she said. “Do you have the data on that?”  Read more...

Just call me a professional athlete

Yesterday I told you guys about this phenomenal event with the Women at Zynga. It was so good I couldn’t write about it all in one newsletter. First I wrote about how inspired I was by Phuong Phillips, Zynga’s chief legal officer. 

Today I want to talk about another panelist Rebecca Covington Webber, a phenomenal Broadway actress currently starring in Hamilton. She described herself as a girl from Kentucky with a dream who just kept pushing on that dream. She talked about the level of faith that took—given when she would watch the Tony Awards she didn’t see any African-American women. “That was really hard for me, because I’m like, ‘How do I do what I love [while] looking how I look and being who I am?'” she said. And at the college she went to in the South, she was the first black person to graduate in that program—full stop. She moved to New York after that and straight up hustled. Read more...

Truly an unsung hero

Oh. My. God. 

The Women at Zynga group hosted a phenomenal event yesterday that I was so honored to be part of. It was a breakfast all about female empowerment and pushing through boundaries as told from women across the tech and entertainment landscape. 

On the panel was Zynga’s Chief Legal Officer Phuong Phillips, Rebecca Covington Webber from Hamilton, and Trisha Yearwood from…pretty much every entertainment medium on earth. 

There was so much I took away from this experience—both the greenroom conversations and the actual panel itself. I want to spend a few days in this space, talking about what I learned from each of these women and reliving it myself! (I had a lot to say too, but if you read this newsletter often, you know all of my talking points already!) Read more...