Fascinating discussion on the site this week kicked off by yesterday’s question: “Guns in schools, Roe v. Wade in danger, and children separated from parents at the border, no ‘facts’ or ‘science’ anymore…. Anyone at the point of leaving the US?”

As I was thinking through that question, I got another data dump of reality in the US right now:

First, this piece detailing how the US is the tenth most dangerous country for women.

Just after it I read a piece in a New York Times called “America is Guilty of Neglecting Kids: Our Own”. From that piece: “It’s not just the kids at the border. America systematically shortchanges tens of millions of children, including homegrown kids. The upshot is that American kids are more likely to be poor, to drop out of high school and even to die young than in other advanced countries.

We tear apart homegrown families, too, through mass incarceration, excessive juvenile detention and overuse of foster care. One black child in 10 spends time in foster care — and 61,000 foster kids have simply gone missing since 2000…Almost one-fifth of American children live in poverty, he noted, and they account for more than one-fifth of homeless people.”

As I said in the Chairman Mom thread, what troubles me is how much of the country is cheering/OK with all of this.

If we’re mama bears, what is the best response? Moving our children to a place of safety or f*ing the predators up? I honestly don’t know anymore. These anonymous comments on the thread made me feel like we’re already living in Gilead:

“For my husband and I, we have already reached the point where if any of our non-white friends tell us that they want to leave the country, we will help them pay for tickets and lawyers and such.

When do we run?…

I think suspending elections, for any reason, is one of our bright lines. More travel restrictions and checkpoints would also do it, though I don’t have a clear boundary there other than “more” (since we *already* have some checkpoints and ICE checking people getting off planes, and the Muslim travel ban is law now) :/

I mean, it’s either that or committing to staying and fighting on the side of California in the civil wars to come…”

Weigh in on the thread here.

Meanwhile, our new questions of the day:

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