As we’ve become more of a data-driven society, we’ve become obsessed with calculating the odds of everything. This is supposed to give us comfort one way or another: If we succumb to the odds, well, those were the odds…What more could we do?

If we beat the odds, well, then we’re amazing! Almost superhuman! We overcame the odds!

I’m at a point in my life where I’m sick of the odds. I never want to hear about the odds again. The odds no longer give me comfort.

I’ve lived a life of beating the odds. I am a walking, living exception to the odds (as are most successful professional women, by the way. Look around you…are 50% of people in your job women?).

Right now, I am battling two sets of odds. I am in the middle of raising money (again) and trying to get pregnant in my 40s (again). That I’ve done both of these things successfully before doesn’t matter. It doesn’t make it any easier. That everyone keeps telling me how awful the odds of success at either are, doesn’t give me comfort either.

I don’t want to be an “odd” anymore. Knowing the world and biology are stacked against me doesn’t help.

I’ve long argued that for all its talk of being data-driven, Silicon Valley is really just obsessed with pattern recognition. If I have to live and work in a world that ignores all the data I lay out for them, then I’m not going to be a data point for everyone anymore either.

F– the odds.

Sarah Lacy

* * * *