Newsletter editor Lily here, coming at you from Montréal! Since I’m mostly soaking up the poutine and croissants for the next few days, I’m keeping this short ‘n’ sweet.

As I’ve mentioned previously, one of my favorite parts of Chairman Mom is watching our members discuss topics that were always hiding in plain sight or are largely brought up in a negative light in popular culture. One of the threads I’ve been following the past few weeks is this one on lies you tell your spouse. Generally people say it’s terrible to lie to your spouse, but the Mama Bears in this thread showed that it’s a much more complicated issue that just “don’t lie.”

For example, as the Mama Bear with the question asked, what happens if your spouse wants your house cleaner but won’t actually put in the work to achieve that? If a secret cleaning person coming in once in a while keeps that conflict at bay, why not do it? Meanwhile, another Mama Bear brought up that small lies can often turn into bigger lies and that she was trying radical honesty in her marriage—with mixed results.

Often on Chairman Mom, it’s not just about getting a single concrete answer but a number of different perspectives to make you see an issue through a number of different lenses. I had the same thought scrolling through this other thread about how moms can be good role models for their kids—particularly their daughters—when it comes to body positivity. There’s no one correct answer, but a million different ways to do what’s best for yourself and your child.

– Lily Herman

* * * *