I’m thrilled to announce that one of my own long-requested features is finally live on Chairman Mom: You can now put GIFs and photos into threads!

There are practical ways this will expand the conversations on our site: For instance, imagine this thread about easy weeknight meals with images. My hope is it will also bring more intimacy and expression to the site. There are times that GIF of Meryl Streep pointing and cheering at the Oscars or Beyonce dancing with her girlfriends on a balcony says more than words. And reading so many threads about gender, school, disabilities, sleep training and so much more, I feel like I already know a lot of your kids. I’d love to actually see pictures of them. Or share in your moment finishing your first marathon, chilling on vacation, or getting that newer, bigger office in context.

To celebrate, I asked a question today to encourage you to show off your badass momming: Show us the best MTFO moment on your phone right now.

Here’s our other question of the day: How do you meet other single people?

Our amazing (female-led) developer team has been adding a lot of new features throughout the summer. We’ve redone the home page, we’ve added trending questions in the side rail and other similar questions when you’re on a question page. You can organize your feed into most recently asked or answered questions, and more clearly see when you are asking or answering a question anonymously. We have a dashboard for you to see all the questions you’ve asked and answered and what questions may be pending for you. You also have a profile page that can show others what you’ve asked or answered, and you can add your bio and other information to that page if you want.

(Nothing you ever ask or answer anonymously will ever show up on your dashboard or profile pages. We couldn’t do that if we wanted to: When you go anonymous, we don’t even know who you are. Threads on topics like sexual harassment, divorce, and bias are serious topics, and we take every possible step to make sure that anonymity can’t be breached, intentionally or accidentally.)

Coming soon: More ways to invite non-Chairman Mom members into select threads, more ways to connect individually and in small groups with like-minded Mama Bears, and more. While some elements of Chairman Mom may overlap with things you can do elsewhere, going forward, we’re going to get deeper and deeper and deeper on things you can only do in a real, trusted community, without judgement or shame or trolling or bullying.

Next year? Some things we are talking about includes new ways to find real mentors and new job opportunities, or seamlessly organize playdates if you are new in town, traveling, or are just like me and HORRIBLE AT ORGANIZING PLAYDATES.

There’s an awful lot of problems you can solve when you have a badass graph of trusted connections that no advertisers or trolls are in the middle of.

Sarah Lacy

* * * *