As many of you know, I’ve been having some issues adjusting to my new custody schedule.

Less time with my kids means my boyfriend and I have had to throw ourselves into immersive projects to keep from sobbing. Things like intensive make-your-own-spice-blends Indian cooking, advanced baking, pulling down all the art in the house and dramatically re-doing it, and, yunno, raising a Series A round as a woman. I’ve even gone from 10 books behind to four books ahead on my book a week goal for 2018.

After cleaning and reorganizing the entire house, we zeroed in on the kids’ room this week. Eli decided a year ago he wanted to sleep with his sister all the time, so he’s essentially moved into her room and his room kinda became storage. We decided to make it official with a re-do.

We got some bunk beds for them with new bedding (fierce predators for Evie; rainbows and pink tigers for Eli), freeing up a ton of play space. And we turned Eli’s old room into “The Imagination Room”: A screen-free wonderland with a library, an easel, drawers of art and sewing supplies, dollhouses set up on fake grass with grazing Disney princesses on horseback, a colorful map of the world, a garment rack filled with princess and animal costumes, and a DJ station, stocked with every Disney song ever recorded. If they are bored, they can only blame themselves. It’s pretty amazing. They set their alarms early to play in it before school today.

We are setting our sights on the backyard next. And then…I don’t know what. Maybe I’ll get back to marathon training, or I’ll need to get this “Daddy Weekend Club” up and running.

But the bunk beds, in particular, were a HIT. We gave Evie the top bunk because Eli has the top bunk at their dad’s house, and we felt like she’d earned it being a big mature Kindergartener. Parents frequently default into giving bigger siblings everything first, and Paul pointed out how unfair that can be.

We also got a pull out trundle for the bottom of the bed, which I told them was for sleepovers. I asked—just making small talk—who they’d invite if I let them have ONE friend over. Eli named one friend, and Evie ran the names of three friends together. “I can’t possibly choose!” she said. “I love them all!”

When I picked her up from school the next day, another two friends ran up and said, “Evie said we could come to the sleepover, can you call my mom?” And then Evie added, “And can we do it tonight?” And this morning all the parents were like, “Uh…is there a sleepover at your house this week?”

Yep, she’s that kid. I was too. I once ordered an obscene amount of Girl Scout cookies without asking first. A problem since my parents didn’t have the money to pay for them all. Evie and I both go through the world making audacious plans, assuming the universe will sort out the details. Only Evie is, like, mommy concentrate.

Here’s the crazy part: I’m considering doing it. Because, you know, I go through the world making audacious plans, assuming the universe will sort out the details. I love all the kids, and I think I can keep them reasonably entertained, and I’m betting half of them will either have a conflict or leave early.

My biggest problem is that Eli will expect the same and he and his friends are more of a challenge! But assuming I manage that…is this nuts? Lay on me all of your genius sleepover advice, because I know based on all the creative parenting I’ve seen on our threads since April you guys have figured out some phenomenal stuff.

Yep—I’m hogging a question slot today to get your wisdom: My kindergartener invited five kids to a slumber party I didn’t agree to. Am I crazy to consider it?

Here’s our other question: Do you have a hard time doing business with women friends?

As a reminder, you can now invite a friend ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE to answer any Chairman Mom thread! They don’t even have to fill out a username/password! So if you know a mom who aces the sleepover game…HOOK ME UP. I’ll also accept hilarious (in hindsight) horror stories. (Amanda Munday: I’m looking at you, because I know you had some friend who nailed the whole movie projection in the backyard thing.)

Unless someone talks me out of it, invites are going out today… (And then I’ll tell Paul.)

One more thing: Ticket sales continue to trickle in for our last slots for our September retreat, The Chairman Mom Flee. We’ve still got about seven slots or so…Can’t afford it? One of our sponsors, Silicon Valley Bank, is granting a handful of scholarships! Send an email telling us about yourself at mom(at)!

(Already got a ticket? I am sending more details on shuttles and programming TODAY. I promise!)

Have a great day!

Sarah Lacy

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