Smashing the patriarchy with Chairman Mom and Ellevest this Wednesday

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I am really excited about the wave of “by women, for women” startups taking over whole corners of the economy where women simply haven’t been treated right. Bumble with dating. Chairman Mom—obviously—when it comes to judgement-free community and support around tough issues. And Ellevest around finances.

We are so aligned that Ellevest is sponsoring our amazing fall retreat, and Sallie Krawcheck is speaking at it.

Ellevest is also sponsoring an awesome art installation about women, money and power that’s in San Francisco RIGHT NOW. Here’s some info:

THAT LADY THING, the vision of Jamie Shaw of Eleven, is a pop-up with a purpose. Every person who walks in the door will be treated to a fun-with-an-edge exploration of how to crush objectification, close the gender money gaps, and elevate women to leadership roles (see attached for a peek). We also are raising funds for the NWLC via these $25 tickets and a silent auction.

There are things called “The Sea of Objectification,” “The Money Maker,” and “The Corporate Climb,” and there are cocktails…

I’m going to check it out this Wednesday at 5:30pm. If you live in San Francisco and want to meet up, go here to grab a $25 ticket and support this awesome message.

Questions for the day:

Sarah Lacy

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