F unny story about where we are as a culture now.

I was playing “Heads Up” with a bunch of friends…not industry friends, not people especially defining themselves as being activists or feminist warriors. A group of women from all walks of life.

The category was movies and the clue that needed to be guessed was Alien v Predator. The “alien” part was easy. Someone yelled, “Sigourney Weaver!” and the person with my iPhone on her head yelled, “Alien!”

She couldn’t quite get which “Alien” though. Until someone yelled, “THAT CREEPY GUY IN YOUR YOGA CLASS!”

“Predator!! Alien v. Predator!”

*Point scored*

I’ve been traveling all summer, and wandering everywhere from Downtown Nottingham to Downtown Memphis to Downtown Seattle, feminist merch is everywhere. I’m struck by how the sexually outspoken “cool girl” version of empowered feminist Ts and tanks have given way to the “I need my girls and that’s it” version of empowered feminist Ts and tanks. I’m also impressed at how widespread it is. It’s in every bookstore—chain or indy. It’s in every storefront. It’s in every window.

We’ve become a nation that’s the equivalent of that FEMINIST sign lit up behind Beyonce.

There’s always the danger of faddishness once feminist journals are littering the tables of a middle America Barnes & Noble. But I chose to see only the positive: We are moving the bar of what is “normal” for girls to say, wear, espouse, and aspire to. Let’s buy all this sh*t so we don’t go back to those “pretty like mommy” shirts that Sheryl Sandberg wrote about in Lean In.

Onto today’s questions:

Sarah Lacy

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