Newsletter editor Lily here.

I had a couple of ideas for what I wanted to write about today while Sarah and a crew of badass women are out at Pulga enjoying the Chairman Mom Flee. But when I sat down to write this morning, I felt pretty flattened.

To put it simply, like many women in this country, and for a variety of reasons, I’m tired. So, so tired. I’m also angry. And sad. It’s one of those days where I’m not sure what to say, because there’s too much to process. And unfortunately, on top of a mountain of work I need to get done because of my lack of productivity this week, it looks like our government isn’t going to let us sit still this weekend, either.

So instead, I’m taking the advice everyone seems to give nowadays: I’m going to take a few moments for myself. I just got cleared to work out at 100% post-summer illness, so I’m going to enjoy a nice gym session tonight and tomorrow morning. I’m grabbing coffee and meals with friends. I’m going to do my work in one of my favorite nearby cafes, which has really good pastries. I’m going to eat 27 of said pastries. And I’m going to sleep a lot, because we could all use more sleep and I just got a cloud-like memory foam mattress.

This week has been sh*tty, to put it incredibly mildly. But I hope all of you take some time for yourselves, too. You deserve it.

Onto questions:

 Lily Herman

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