Is it comparatively quiet around Chairman Mom this week? That’s likely because 100 of us (including most of our staff!) is in a gold mining town, without access to phones or the Internet.

It’s crazy that the #metoo battle with arguably the largest national stakes is playing out LIVE as all of us are sequestered from the Internet, news, and social media.

I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or a bad thing?

The last time I’ve devoured as much minute-to-minute news on a political story, it was the fight to save healthcare. After that I felt so drained from everything 2016 and on that I had to take Twitter off my phone, stop watching cable news, and put myself on a major outrage diet. I still haven’t reactivated Twitter, but this Kavanaugh scandal has kept me obsessively refreshing Feedly for the latest hot take.

The timing is uncanny. Two things are hanging in the balance, as Christine Blasey Ford testifies this week: Has #metoo changed anything, and what is the future for Roe v. Wade? And if things go wrong, will women go to the polls and show their support for other women, across racial and geographic lines?

On one hand, not being able to digitally obsess over this feels awful. On the other hand, I can’t control the outcome, and the news will still be there on Saturday.

Onto questions (these are yesterday’s Qs in case you missed them due to our awesome guest intro from Sallie Krawcheck!):

 Sarah Lacy

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