I have talked to so many women over the last six or seven years who are far more senior, more respected, more wealthy and more powerful than I am. So many of them have said they are envious of how outspoken I am when it comes to exposing bad things and that they wish they could be that way. Some have even said, once they make just a little more money or attain a little more success, they plan to be.

My responses in order: “Thanks,” “you can, just open your mouth,” and “you will never get there if you haven’t already.”

There are so many reasons I want Chairman Mom to become a $1 billion company. To help change the pattern of what entrepreneurs and developer teams can look like. To have the funds to make my Jessica Fletcher retirement fantasy come true. So that people believe there can be large internet properties that have absolutely no trolling and only serve to make women feel better about themselves.

But I also want something to point to to say, “See!! Being a polarizing woman isn’t a career killer!”

I’m encouraged that we’re seeing so much of this in pop culture. Everything Serena Williams does in her words and actions as a strong Black working mother has become an almost daily inspiration. Colin Kaepernick becoming the new face of Nike. Monica Lewinsky putting down the microphone and walking off stage the moment her interviewer broke her word about the parameters of the interview. “I left because it is more important than ever for women to stand up for themselves and not allow others to control their narrative,” she said.

Are people criticizing Lewinsky? Sure. But those people would be trolling her no matter what she did.

The great thing about being polarizing is the artificiality of the world falls away. You know where you stand with people. And the people who hate you—who were likely never going to hire you, support you, or invest in you anyway—feel justified and strident in hating you. But the people who love you, really love you.

You will always be too much of something for somebody. Stop whittling yourself away into nothing.

Onto questions for today:

Sarah Lacy

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