Over the next month, you’re going to get a lot of info in this space about our upcoming retreat in a female-only gold-mining town. I’ve already announced Shannon Downey of Badass Crossstitch fame as a speaker. But she’s gone the extra mile, making us several custom cross stitch patterns.

Not only that, but she stitched them up herself so that we could put them on pillows around the camp.

Not only that, but she’s agreed to lead several stitching workshops at the event. What is a stitching workshop? You’ll sit outside surrounded by the beauty of Northern California and the Feather River, sipping rosé with some of the world most powerful women stitching patterns like those above to decorate your own work space.

I haven’t written much about the workshop part of this retreat, because I was mulling over what it would look like. After a lot of attendee feedback, here’s what I’ve come up with: We are going to have four concurrent tracks.

  1. Professional development: Sessions will focus on how to shoot your career into hyperdrive, start your own company, raise venture money, tell your story better, and avoid all the patriarchy pitfalls en route.
  2.  Getting your personal financial house in order: Some of our most popular threads on Chairman Mom have had to do with your own finances, not your company’s. I’m like a lot of you, it seems: My company’s finances are in great shape. My own? Hoooooooooboy, it’s a disaster. In this track, our friends and sponsors Ellevest will lead all sorts of workshops about retirement planning and financial goal setting, and we’ll have a session on something I badly need: ESTATE PLANNING. All the stuff we neglect in our busy working mother lives. Get ‘em done while—again—sitting outside surrounded by the beauty of Northern California and the Feather River, sipping rosé.
  3. Relationships and family: Only half of the women coming have kids and this session will contain alllllllll of those conversations around kids, teens, spouses, divorce, step-momming, and even the challenge of making and finding adult friends.
  4. “Out of office”: My sense is that many of the women attending the Flee have a lot of these pillars handled, but are in some kind of crisis or transition on at least one of them. (For me it’s #2.) Got them all three figured out? Then our last track is for you: Out of office. This is where you’ll get enjoy three days of escape. Yoga? Meditation? Making Masalas with Chef Preeti Mistry? Stitching up activism with Shannon? Dying scarves with all-natural Indigo? That’s all happening in track #4.

Attendees will be able to mix and match tracks, and a lot of these sessions will repeat on the second day. I’m going to live somewhere between track #1 and #4 with a little bit of #2 and #3 thrown in the middle. If I can come back with a major to-do list item like estate planning checked off my eternal list and feel like I’ve had a vacation and been inspired by our phenomenal speakers and made 100 new power-best friends, that’s so far beyond the value I’ve ever gotten out of any three-day conference.

We have less than ten tickets left. Grab yours now!

And questions for today:

Sarah Lacy

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