We’ve always taken anonymity and privacy very seriously on Chairman Mom. Our anonymous feature, in particular, was designed to be so strong that even we don’t know who you are when you select it.

The only downside to such strong anonymity is it limits the functionality we can bring you. We can’t—for instance—send you @-notifications or alerts when someone has answered your question because…we don’t know who you are. It also means you can’t edit an anonymous question when it’s posted.

For the past few months we’ve been wrestling with this dilemma: How to maintain super-strong anonymity while also providing the functionality that members need.

Today we’re launching our (first) solution to the problem: When you post an answer on Chairman Mom you’ll notice there are now two tiers of anonymity: Anonymous andSuper Anonymous. Anonymous means the same as it does on most other sites on the Internet: Your username/identity will be hidden from other users but you’ll still be able to receive notifications or edit your answer immediately after posting.

Super Anonymity is the option to use if you really want to stay under the radar. Answers posted with Super Anonymity will be stripped of all identifying information so even we won’t know who you are. The downside is you won’t be able to edit your answer or get alerts for responses or mentions.

You can pick the level of anonymity you’re comfortable with on an answer by answer basis. You can even switch from Anonymous to Super Anonymous after posting if you change your mind (for obvious reasons, you can’t switch in the other direction!)

Let me know what you think of the new feature—either at mom@chairmanmom.com or, well, anonymously.

Onto our usual introduction…

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Yesterday, I was at a parent teacher conference for Evie. (Who is SLAYING Kindergarten btw…)

Towards the end, first grader Eli popped in the room and then was taken aback when he saw us in there.

“Oh,” he giggled awkwardly. “I didn’t expect to see you here.”

“We’re having Evie’s parent teacher conference, come give me a hug!” I said.

It turns out every day just before last period, Eli pops into the kindergarten room while the class is in the dance room to check in with Evie’s teacher and make sure she had a good day. He started this when I was at The Chairman Mom Flee, clearly sensing there was a hole in the parenting in our family and he needed to step up.

He keeps giving me positive updates, “Mom, Evie had a great day today! I think she’s really almost acting like a first grader…” I didn’t really realize where he was getting his intel.

“Are you coming by to check on Evie’s day?” the teacher said.

“Yeah, but since you guys are already having the meeting…you can just tell them,” he said gesturing to us awkwardly.

“Eli, why are you wearing your backpack, sweetie?” the teacher asked as he backed out of the room.

“Oh,” he said suddenly aware of it. “I thought it was the end of the day.”

And with that, he ran back to put it in his locker and headed to gym class.

In writing this, I’m thinking of Mama Bear Sarah Kathleen Peck who—I believe—is due with her second child any time now. She asked this question several months ago aboutwhat to expect as a busy working mom with two. There is a lot of chaos and expense and I may never have a flat stomach again. But this is why I did it and this is why it’s worth it—especially for kids in a divorced family. They’ve got each others back from infancy.

Questions today:

 Sarah Lacy

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