We just hired a new team member at Chairman Mom, Jenny Sullivan. She’s going to be helping us out with sales, events and operations.

She came insanely highly recommended by an investor, and her references were like… “Whoa…are these actors you paid? Because no one is this beloved…”

But more than anything what I love about Jenny is her fire and passion for our cause. She was a high powered sales rep pre-kids…after kids, like a lot of women, she’s had a hard time finding the right cultural fit where she can absolutely crush it and then be there for her kids when she needs to.

There is so much power like this just idling on the sidelines, because of maternal bias. We’re happy to scoop it all up. We’re happy to collect all the badasses.

Here is my absolutely favorite story about Jenny though: Her first day, we were talking about the Chairman Mom Flee reunion we are having this Friday. (If you attended the Flee and did not get info on this, email me!) I mentioned I’d grab something, because I had to go to Party City this week to get some balloons for a school thing.

“Oh, do you want my helium tank?” she said, nonchalantly.


This is why you hire working moms. They can solve problems you didn’t even know you were asking them to solve.

Speaking of crushing it, our badass dev team has shipped a new option to tag questions as “resolved”. Is your question resolved? Let the pack know!

And speaking of crushing it pt. 2, I’m loving this Halloween thread! Boast your DIY’ing or store bought creations today! (I’ll be posting mine once the face painter leaves our house…)

Happy Halloween, everyone. A time we pretend the scariest things are fictional and not in the White House.

* * * *