I am not going to bury this insanely great deal: Sallie Krawcheck is giving everyone $100 free to start investing in yourself. Go here to take advantage of it! DO IT RIGHT NOW!

You don’t have to have attended the retreat, you don’t have to be a paying Chairman Mom subscriber, you can just be a Mama Bear newsletter lurker, or a friend of a Mama Bear newsletter lurker. Sallie and I both want as many women as possible to start investing in their future right now.

Because money is power.

Michele Dauber—go here to check out her PAC that helps make violence against women a voting issue—would agree. The more money we have, the more we can give to candidates. And then women’s issues finally become the political issues that matter.

Money. Is. Power.

And look around at America, Mama Bears…Who thinks we all need more power?

I know a lot of you have got this.  But if you are like me, you may look pretty together from the outside as a business woman and maybe even as a mom too…But your own financial future is the can you keep kicking farther down the road. That’s why Sallie is giving us all such a powerful incentive—what savvy working mom is gonna turn down $100? How much harder do we always have to work to get $100?

I, for one, am finally taking the bull by the horns, signing up, amalgamating all my past moldy 401(k)s and putting my time and money behind the one financial institution that I know without a doubt is fighting for women’s economic freedom: Ellevest. As Sallie said in her fiery talk at our retreat: Now more than ever, if you are not actively pushing for women, you are against us.

Let’s vote with our feet to make the companies run by and built for women the next unicorns so we break this lousy pattern and women start getting more VC dollars.

I’m excited to announce that Chairman Mom also has an offer for you guys. By overwhelming demand, we’ve decided to go ahead and put next year’s retreat tickets on sale RIGHT NOW. The event will be held Sept 25-28 2019, and we are offering a “super advance deposit” ticket.

Here’s how it works: $500 saves your spot for next year AND GETS YOU $500 OFF THE TICKET PRICE! Some of you have asked about payment plans. If you are interested in paying the ticket throughout the year and taking advantage of the $500 savings, email me at mom@chairmanmom.com.

(And if our sponsors come back, we’ll be able to offer some pay-what-you-can tickets again…If your company is interested in sponsoring, email me!)

We’re going to make the event bigger and even better than this past year. And that’s saying something…Here’s a taste of what women are saying on social since we all got back on the grid Saturday night:

“Back from a long weekend spent with 80 badass women (78 complete strangers) talking about empowerment and career goals and everything in between. It was equal parts relaxing and invigorating.”

“I spent four days out of service in the woods with 100 badass women… and let me tell you I am FIRED UP. I am outraged at what the patriarchy puts us through, disgusted by the events of the last week, and also humbled and awed by the incredibly resilience and fierceness of these women in the face of it all. The patriarchy has not destroyed us (despite all it’s best efforts) and women are pissed and organizing.”

“Four days with 80 of the most beautiful, powerful, badass women in the country in a town with no men owned and built by a woman. Leaving this magical place knowing one thing for sure– women can do anything if we have each other’s backs.”

“I just spent 4 days off the grid in the woods with 100 super badass women in an abandoned mining town in California….There were so many amazing women who are doing epic work for women in this world. And I sat in a bathtub full of champagne. I am so grateful that this experience was this week. Now it’s back to reality, back to the patriarchy, back to the work of toppling that sh*t…”

“It was four days off the grid with one hundred amazing women. It was connection and inspiration and ambition and pure female power. It was epic sisterhood, the kind that shoots straight past kumbaya to ‘come at us, world.’ It was like having your soul nestled in sequined pillows under a bright blue sky, cradled in love but staring straight up at the stratosphere, planning the rocket blast. And it was a lot of rose.”

“This weekend was life changing. Basically Bohemian Grove for women…. 100 women who are basically running the world…Truly magic…”

And on and on and on.

Join us next year. Start investing in your career with Chairman Mom and start investing in your financial future with Ellevest. And feel free to pass both offers on to other badasses in your life!

I love you guys.

Here are our questions today…

– Sarah Lacy

* * * *