Ok, I admit it. Two hours of face painting was a little bit of overkill for 5 and 7-year-olds trick-or-treating for about two hours on a nondescript San Francisco street. I really didn’t have the extra $300 to spend, on top of the rest of their costumes. Two sets of costumes, actually.

But I am so glad I overkilled it. First off, Halloween is Eli’s favorite holiday. Second, they look like they’re in a Broadway musical…

Yup, I also sprayed that Scar mane because it was too Tawny. No detail was overlooked.

It’s not just wanting to give the kids a great Halloween. It’s not just that we’ve been robbed every year at the neighborhood costume competition. (At least we tied for second place this year…losing to a skydiving baby.)

This Maleficent costume represented so much more to Eli. He’s been planning out our Disney Villian Halloween since July, but at the beginning of the school year he got panicked about getting teased if he dressed like a girl. And so he decided to be Jack from the “Nightmare Before Christmas” at school, and Maleficent at home.

I was so heartsick about this. It was clearly not what he wanted to do. Last year he was Moana, and in the 12 months intervening the world has tried hard to convince him there’s something wrong with that. Even in San Francisco. Even at a performing arts school. And so I wanted his Maleficent to be EPIC for the two hours he felt safe enough to be her. It was a pricey two hours of makeup, but I hope it showed him that I fully support anything he wants to be in life to an EXTREME DEGREE! This end of the evening lean said it all. <3

(Paul made a pretty great Jafar too…)

Exactly one person recognized me. Shout out to the guy who yelled, “Hey! Rapunzel’s mom! Great costume!” (Pretty ironic that I was Mother Gothel given I run a company that believes there’s no such thing as a bad mom…)

Show off your Halloween here!

* * * *