Enough with the clever names of days to get you to spend money the week after Thanksgiving. I live in San Francisco with two kids, no child support, and a startup salary. You are harassing an empty cup right now.

But for those of you playing along, today is Giving Tuesday. Rather than asking you for anything, I wanted to thank those of you who donated to the fundraiser I set up to help rebuild Pulga and provide relief to the surrounding area victimized by the Camp Fire. While the fire miraculously jumped over parts of Pulga, Betsy Ann lost more than a dozen structures and had some damage done to the town’s infrastructure.

More than anything though, I know your support made her feel less alone.

Pulga was her everything for four years. She didn’t leave. She has scars on her arms and legs. She’s had to fire off warning shots to defend her land. She built it plank by plank. For those of us who have spent four years or longer building something, imagine so much of it being ravaged just as you had gotten it off the ground and in a good place.

When I told Evie about the fire her face fell. “Oh no,” she said. “Betsy Ann worked so hard on all those houses!” Her second concern was for the cats. Her third was for her favorite cherry tree. Evie and I and a lot of you are going to plan a trip to go help Betsy Ann rebuild when the rains have cleared and it’s appropriate.

I can’t imagine a better thing to model for my daughter: Women helping women rebuild. Our lives collapse all the time don’t they? Whether the death of a loved one, an issue with a child, a miscarriage, a break up, a bankruptcy, a lay-off…What happens when the woman who takes care of everyone else needs taking care of? Frequently, very little. I want to always be there for that woman.

At its core Chairman Mom is about combating loneliness and isolation, building a community that can be the hand at your back, as Joanna Bloor says, pushing you when you need to be pushed, but there to help hold you up too. I hope we can continue to make even bigger differences in women’s lives as our community grows.

So I don’t need you to give us anything this week. Since we launched in April, you’ve already been giving women in this community exactly what they need.

* * * *