What can I even write about election day?

Just like two years ago, it’s the big moment that will determine the future of women in our country’s politics. Unlike two years ago, it may determine even more about how women are treated generally in our country. We’ve already lost the Supreme Court. We already have a President who brags about sexual assault, and a party that believes men are the “real” victims when they assault someone. It’s hard to imagine women losing much more. But there also seems no floor in American politics right now.

As I wrote last week, the biggest problem will be the mandate. An issue like abortion is one thing. That’s a political issue. But sexual assault is a crime and condoning it is something else. If women don’t rise up for themselves, I shudder to think what comes next.

But probably like you, I’ve been on edge about this day for two years. Better to know what this country is, right? Even if the answer is unimaginable.

My kids asked me Monday if I’d wait so they could vote with me, like they usually do. I said yes. But it makes me sad to think of reliving that vote for Hillary we all did two years ago. We were all so hopeful. I was wearing a “pussy grabs back” shirt and Evie was wearing a shirt with a kitty wearing a pantsuit that she just happened to own. We listened to Beyonce on the way to school. Eli said as we walked back from the polling place, “Hillary just HAS TO win. It’s a ‘have to.’ Have to’s are things that you just have to do!”

They seem so much older and the world seems so much older and I feel so much older and everything feels so much more fragile since that moment.

If you want to commiserate, here are a few threads. Either way, we’re marching next year in DC.

If you want to be distracted, here are our questions of the day. No matter what you need today, I can promise you, you won’t find bots, trolls or hate on our site.

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