I am absolutely sick when I think about the upcoming election. I can’t focus on little else. I have my own conservative leanings here and there…Or I did before it became the party of hate. If the right stays in control of everything, then lawmakers have legitimately a mandate for hate. A mandate for caring more about men accused of sexual assault than those accusing them. A mandate to keep separating families at the border. A mandate to flood more guns into schools. A mandate that KKK marchers are some “very fine people.” A mandate to take away citizenship if you were born in this country. A mandate to require that your gender at birth is your gender for life. A mandate to roll back Roe v. Wade and gay rights.

I don’t know if I can take that.

I am so happy I have all the amazing women in my life to hug and laugh with and drink wine with during weeks like these. And tonight, a quarter of the women who attended our amazing fall retreat are coming to my house to watch the first feminist Disney princess movie.

My heart is so full just knowing I’ve got 30 badasses coming in…

This is my commitment to you all: If you come to the retreat last fall, next fall, or at some fall in the future, it doesn’t end there. I’ll get us together throughout the year to capture a slice of what we created being in the ultimate female-power zone for four days. And next year, we’ll do more meet-ups and more get-togethers. We all need it. People in so many of our threads are asking for it right now.

Meantime, we all have each other’s virtual backs. I spent last night staying up late and catching up on so many amazing threads. We have so many new product features launching soon that are in line with where so many of our users want us to go. This is only the beginning. There is so much power in the vulnerability on this site.

In the trust on this site. In the love on this site. In this virtual sisterhood.

I’m so in awe of this community. Thousands of threads, millions of words, none toxic, none so far having to be removed. Women don’t want to hate each other. We reject your mandate for hate.

* * * *