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Hello from a bench in the Children’s Museum of Memphis!

Yesterday I wrote about some of my favorite books of 2018. I read <10% by male writers, and there were a few overrated titles (IMHO) and several amazing gems.

First the ones I thought were overrated (don’t come at me!): Lincoln at the Bardo was clever but…not worth the hype. Likewise Warlight. And here’s where you really yell at me: I didn’t think When Breath Becomes Air was nearly as good as everyone else did. (The overrated theme wasn’t exclusive to men. I spent more time trying to figure out why Girl Wash Your Face was such a monster hit than I did actually enjoying it…)

Here are the ones I loved, specifically by men.

Jose Antonio Vargas’ Dear American: Notes of an Undocumented Citizen was amazing, even if you’ve seen his documentary, heard his story before, or are even lucky enough to be friends with him. Jose has always told his narrative as an undocumented immigrant as intertwined with his narrative as a gay man. I was excited to read more depth about his coming out story than was in his film. And the story of him and his mother always makes me cry.

The Little #MeToo Book for Men is under 100 pages and an absolute order-it-right-now must-read! Judy Loehr gave it to me on my recent trip to Seattle and it’s an absolute thunderbolt in 70 or so pages. It rapidly explains so much of the male psyche (Particularly, American male, IMHO). Why men are conditioned to not speak out against other predators, how a culture of sexual assault and sexual harassment starts in childhood and normalizes abuse of women. How men are bullied. It also explains why loneliness and suicide are such growing epidemics among men. The best thing about the male psyche I’ve read in a year when it frequently hasn’t made any sense to me.

Either of these would be great stocking stuffers for men and women in your life!

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