I went to school with a stunningly brilliant woman named Joann Self who would wind up becoming a stunningly brilliant documentary filmmaker. (She’s also an active member of the Chairman Mom community!)

Her current project is called Juvenile and it tells the story up close about how the criminal justice system across America is failing our children. Children who make mistakes. Children trapped in systemic racial injustice in America. Children who weren’t given legal representation in some cases. Children who couldn’t navigate a justice system that adults struggle to navigate, and spent their lives paying for it.

There is (justifiably) so much outrage about what’s happening with immigrant children at the borders. But there are children in America getting failed by the justice system as well. In most of our communities their stories are largely invisible. The trailer opens with this powerful quote: “If you got up this morning and called your child a juvenile, then you have the right to call the children I work with juveniles. If you didn’t, if your child is still a child, these people are children.”

Joann and her team of filmmakers, who are lead by women and are more than 70% people of color, have been working on this story for three years. They’re working on a crowdfunding campaign to get the bulk of the production covered and they are only $1,000 away from hitting their goal! The rewards start at just $5. I know we are all beyond tapped out at this time of year, but I also know the women in this community who come from privilege are passionate about wanting to understand life beyond our privilege. Please consider going to back Joann’s campaign today, even if it’s just $5!

Joann is coming to the Bay Area next year and I’m going to try to put together a dinner so that folks can learn more about her work. If you donate today, forward the confirmation to me and I’ll make sure you are on the guest list! If nothing else, $5 will get you into an amazing dinner with a bunch of badass women next year.

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