That’s what VC and all around good guy Micah Baldwin said on Facebook after I posted yet another photo with my growing Seattle badass posse. I went from having basically never gone to Seattle to doing three trips this summer/fall and making—no joke—at least 20 close female friends, almost all of whom I didn’t know last year.

I met a lot of these women through the Chairman Mom community—Seattle has become a definite cluster of amazing on the site. We had a holiday dinner for about 20 of these women last night. It’s amazing how deeply I feel like I know Chairman Mom users, even though I don’t know many of their real names, what they look like, what they do for a living or any other surface-y things that most social networks trade in.

I was excited to learn about a ton of connections that have taken place offline between these women, and I’m interested to explore how we can support more of that in cities like Seattle next year. They are even talking about a mini-sleepover they can organize on their own before the next Flee. If you have any ideas or want to explore pulling together a cluster of Chairman Mom women in your town, email me, or weigh in on this “Where do you live?” thread.

Even better! Encourage badass women you know to join the site or buy them an annual membership for the holidays! It’s only $60. Create your own cluster!

We have a lot of product ideas for facilitating these IRL connections on the work front and the mom front that I hope we get to in 2019! Stay tuned…

In the meantime, hope you are all hanging in there this time of year. I’ve gotten two notes—one from dad and one from school—about how atrocious my children have been while I’ve been gone, so…Sounds like I’ve got quite an evening ahead once my plane lands. Somehow, together, we’ll all survive December.

* * * *