12 is the magic number

Wow. So far our small groups feature has been our the most popular new thing we’ve ever launched. And I’m so thrilled because I think it’s so core to where we are going as a company. (When we get an app, this is really gonna be on fire…)

This is a list of some pending groups that only need one more person to form, in case that person might be you…

We also formed groups around getting financial s*** in order, Chairman Mom Book clubs, and more!

If there are topics you want to join a small group about, search our archive to find a relevant thread or ask a new question!

One thing I wanted to make clear that I didn’t in my original note about them: Since our groups are limited to just 12 people (because science of optimal group size…) new groups of 12 will form once the initial one is full. That means it can scale without compromising what we think makes this product distinct. But it also means that you may not be in a group with someone else from that thread who is also in a small group. We’ll keep an eye on how all of this works in action, and some of this may get tweaked in the future.

Exciting stuff! I know my group on financial wellness has already started holding me accountable to my New Year’s resolution!

* * * *