Some of you have asked me if we have a plan for a male-centric version of Chairman Mom. There are, after all, a ton of dads who want to figure out how to be ambitious professionals and engaged parents, and plenty of dudes who feel just as tormented by toxic masculinity as we do.

Yes, there are. And we are thinking it through.

In the meantime, if you’ve got a great guy in your life and you want to subscribe him to something, might I suggest Paul’s new newsletter “How to Be Less of An A**hole”? If you don’t know Paul he is my co-founder at Chairman Mom and the least vocal member of the Chairman Mom team in our community for obvious reasons. He is also my boyfriend and for a long time before that my best friend and business partner.

I’ve gotten a front row seat to a massive transformation Paul has undergone over the time we’ve known each other that included getting sober, getting healthy, and becoming the world’s best “apple.” (That’s what my kids call him…Long story.)

Paul stopped writing regularly on Pando a year or so ago, burned out by everything that was wrong with tech. And his legion of fans have been begging him to start writing regularly again. After taking a nice, long break focusing on other things, he launched this project at the end of last year. It was a culmination of him realizing how much his life has changed over ten years as a domino effect of making a few seemingly small disconnected changes.

If you like this newsletter, you’ll probably love his too.

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