Over the holidays I was reflecting on how many amazing women I’ve gotten to know since Chairman Mom launched, and how intimate a lot of those bonds have become due to the nature of the site. I haven’t had that feeling of making “real” friends online since the early days of the Internet.

I know some of you have also formed some amazing IRL and virtual connections on the site, so I thought it’d be a nice feel good Friday activity to tag your favorite badass on the site!

It’s always dangerous to single someone out when you are a rabid power user like me. I have met so many amazing women. But today, I want to single out @Asra. Her comments have always challenged me to see things from another point of view, even though we share so many of the same passions!

Somehow we’d never met before Chairman Mom, despite living in the same place and working in the same industry and having really similar personalities. We finally met up in December before I took off for the holidays, and it was amazing. We have discussed so many personal things via various threads that it felt like we were old friends. She brought me a gorgeous gift from Pakistan, and I gave her a Chairman Mom swag-pack. Asra doesn’t have kids, so we didn’t so much connect around motherhood or work—which may seem strange for a site called “Chairman Mom.” We just connected around the intangibles of who we are.

It’s that early magic of web communities that really are communities: You connect with people who you adore who you should have met in the real world, but somehow didn’t.
If you are nodding right now and thinking of a similar experience, head to the site and tag someone who you’ve gotten to know or who you seem to always be on the same threads with or  just gave you a genius answer when you needed it most. We can all use a little positive encouragement this time of year!

* * * *