So I’m gonna tell you something super spiritual that I heard in Soul Cycle last week, and you’re going to not imagine me with a Pumpkin Spice Latte or judge me for finding Soul Cycle truly spiritual. Deal? Deal.

My instructor was talking about a friend who said that they were ready to do battle with 2019 and they were going punch it in the face (or something agro like that.) And I was like “YEEEEAHHHH!!! GRRRR!” when he said it. But then he added this: “I don’t want to fight against 2019. I want to work with it to create change.”


I have been thinking about that distinction for a week now. It probably resonated with me so much because it has to do with my personal career journey. Pando was an appropriate combative company. And being an investigative journalist is an inherently antagonistic position if you are doing it right. While Chairman Mom has a similar worldview to Pando (bros suck and all that) but isn’t fighting against anything—it is working with badass forces that want that world to change.

I think it’s also an appropriate message for where we are politically. If you are pro-equality of any kind the last few years have felt like being at war. Now, post-midterms, post-#metoo a lot of powerful forces have been unleashed to work with to create the change you want to see.

What can we do if we focus on amassing an equally pissed off army, versus fighting on our own?

* * * *