The great thing about a goal of reading 60 books a year is you go from having these piles of books you bought thinking “Oh I’ll totally get to that…”  that remain untouched to having to regularly scour book shops because you are running out. That’s how I wound up with a remaindered copy of Carrie Fisher’s Postcards from the Edge a few weeks ago. 

I somehow haven’t read any of her books, nor have I seen the movie. 

It’s a few distinct books in one, and I heartily recommend it if you haven’t read it. There’s a bit at the beginning that’s a journal from rehab and a bit at the end about her moping in bed before getting in a sustainable relationship that were well-written but not my favorite bits. Rather, I loved the bit in the middle. Where she’s working on a lame film in the desert, she’s going to the gym, she’s engaged in an eye-rolling cat-and-mouse game with a would be new manager. 

I don’t know what happens in this part, but her writing comes alive. I was laughing out loud and jotting down so many of the lines that spoke to me. One was recurring each time she left the house before going to a Hollywood event. She’d give herself the once over and ask herself if she was “Dressing for them or dressing for me.” It was usually a combination. 

Separately, Paul shared an amazing piece with me this week by Jennifer Romolini on Shondaland. It’s about a girl who was once inspired by that poem about wearing purple when you are old and then worked in women’s media and spent a career mocking those who stood out before coming back to the gospel of “No, just wear whatever the F*** you want.”

I have to do a video shoot this week, so I’m going to be “dressing for them” more than I usually do at this stage in my life. But generally, I am so heavily in the dressing for me phase it’s borderline inadvisable. 

I refer you to the recent Chairman Mom thread about the bike shorts trend. While the Chairman Mom community was as open minded and non-judgmental as possible, it was clear: I am the only member of our tribe that is embracing the controversial bike shorts trend.

Emboldened, I ordered a pair of black bike shorts for $20 from Free People. And ordered a teal pair too…because it deserved a $40 attempt. I finally got them, and somehow…Free People sent me gold lame bike shorts instead of the black ones. So, y’all, I’m not only doing this, I’m plunged into the deep end.

It’s Saturday night as I write this and I don’t have the kids. Paul and I are going to a play and IT’S ON. I’m wearing boots, the SPARKLY BIKE SHORTS, a black tank and a long gauzy navy button down that’s sort of like a tunic. I’m also wearing my obnoxious Orange Fur coat. And I look amazing. I don’t care who would put me on a “don’t” list. 

I love precisely how DGAF this trend is. It’s comfortable. It’s easy. There’s a reason people have balked at the trend: Bike shorts are an almost unappealing, unsexy length. Good. It feels precisely so dressing for me in the moment. 

Everyone doubted me on the return of fanny packs too…

* * * *