I don’t know if you’ve checked out any of our small groups yet, but, holy hell are they keeping me honest, accountable to my goals, and inspired.

In the financial planning small group, @janak and @mavenandmom are kicking our a**es with weekly and monthly mini-goals. I’ve gotten way farther than I expected way faster. It all started with coming clean in an even safer space than usual on the site about how screwed up our financial lives were.

We are having an amazing conversation in the small group about imposter syndrome that diagnoses exactly *what* I am feeling an imposter about…somehow narrowing it down and naming it has been extraordinarily therapeutic. Similarly, the small group about founder anxiety is honing in on the “muscle memory” of what you have done well in the past to whittle away self-doubt.

And the quick weeknight meals thread has me planning meals on Monday and has inspired me to get out the slow cooker again.

To join a small group, go to any question thread and click the “join a small group!” button.

Here are a list of some pending ones and some of my favorites and some I wish were more active!

Whether you can help or need help, why not check out a small group today?

* * * *