Consider this a kind of badass “call and response.”

When we did our customer survey last December, we asked what you want to see next from Chairman Mom most of all. While 18% of you are aligned with my personal burning desire for a mobile app (COMING SOON!!!!), 26% of you want more meetups and events. And another 32% of you want more features to help make personal connections like finding friends and other working moms in your city. You want to connect even more deeply than the “vulnerability graph” that we’ve already built on the site.

We. Hear. You.

And so next month we are launching something new in San Francisco: The Chairman Mom Preach. The first Monday of the month from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, we’ll hold space for food, wine and badasses at The Assembly, a female-driven, Mission-based members club.

Sometimes it’ll be a meetup with no agenda. Sometimes we’ll host an author, founder or speaker. Maybe we’ll do a feminist movie night one time. Or maybe a badass all-female band. The space, the refreshments, and the badasses will be the constants.

Mark your calendars now for Monday, March 4 and for every first Monday of the month after that. And RSVP at this link right here.

Is this event for you? Are you a badass? Do you want to connect with more badasses? Then YES. You don’t need to be a mom or even want to be a mom. You don’t need to have a certain title on your business card. You just have to come. Even better: Come with an ask of the community. Better still: Come with an ask and come with something you can give another badass, even if it’s just a hug.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now for a few reasons. The first is the 100 women who attended our annual retreat and keep telling me a year is too long to wait to connect with other women IRL again. The second is the hundreds more women who couldn’t afford to come to the retreat, couldn’t get the time away from work or family, or were held back by imposter syndrome. The third reason is the dinner series I’ve done in my home for female founders for the last three years: It books up in about five minutes and people stay until the wee hours of the morning. I’ve seen how powerful a regular monthly connection of women can be. I’ve seen lives that it has transformed in my own humble dining room.  

Clearly hundreds of you want this. I want it too. Nothing makes me feel more bulletproof the next day than an evening spent surrounded by amazing women.

The event is FREE for Chairman Mom members, although if you’d like to purchase a pay-what-you-can ticket to offset our costs, that’d be awesome. (We are a startup, after all, and we’re mostly doing this because you want it, not to make money). If you are not a Chairman Mom member, a free monthly meetup seems doubly worth $5 a month to me. We’ll ask your user name at check in.

Not in the Bay Area? We see you. I know some Chairman Mom women have already arranged casual local meet ups in markets like Seattle and Los Angeles. We’ll see how this goes and would love to help facilitate events like this in your city going forward!

I can’t wait to see you all March 4. Go grab your spot now!

* * * *