Mama Bear newsletter editor Lily here. Happy Friday!

Have you ever had a person from your past pop up at the perfect time? I just had one of those moments this week completely out of the blue.

My digital marketing firm’s been hard at work with two different clients releasing books in the span of eight days. There’s been lots of emailing about chapter excerpt placements, event logistics, and all the nitty gritty details. In the middle of it, I was emailing with a media outlet about a placement, when our contact introduced me to a colleague who was going to help us out.

That woman emailed us to say hi—and the last line of her email read, “Hey Lily, I think we know each other from a few years ago. Can’t wait to reconnect!”

Obviously, I had a moment of panic. Who was this woman? Did I wrong her in the past? What if I couldn’t place her? And what if I thought it did and then got it wrong?

I spent the next 15 minutes frantically internet stalking—and then it hit me. We were close friends on Tumblr almost 10 years ago when we were both in high school and had fitness-oriented blogs. We’d even been Facebook friends before she deleted both her Tumblr and her Facebook at the time. What are the chances?

With the revamp of our newsletter (!!!!), the Chairman Mom team having lots of conversations about where we want our community to go, and me reading this article on weak internet connections, I’ve been personally thinking a lot about the communities where I’ve felt safest and most fulfilled. My early days blogging and reblogging on Tumblr were transformative; they gave me friends when I felt like I didn’t have any, and the experience entirely launched my career and made me fall in love with the internet.

And now Megan (that’s her name) and I are grabbing coffee next time she’s in town. What a small and beautiful world.

* * * *