I am so rarely on social media lately, I’ve also been absent or ignorant of all the memes. 

But even I finally started seeing the #10yearchallenge making the rounds. One thing immediately jumped out at me: EVERY SINGLE WOMAN I FOLLOW LOOKS BETTER IN THE NOW PICTURE. Every single one. 

Many look more in shape. Many look more stylish. Many simply have a glow of confidence that comes with success, age, and giving fewer f***s about impressing the patriarchy or playing by BS rules. Most seem like they aren’t trying as hard. 

Here’s mine: 

I just want to point out that the picture on the left was once on Gawker in a creepy post calling me the hottest reporter in Silicon Valley or something gross like that. Which I bring up to make the point: It was explicitly flagged as a flattering pic. The one on the right is just me at breakfast one morning. (Admittedly after having my lashes done)

I mean, there is no contest, right? I absolutely would rather be that woman on the right. 

I’ll embarrass Annie Bosko next. You may remember Annie if you came to the Flee where her all girl country band, Kitty Hawk, played. I’m picking on her, because Annie always looks phenomenal and is all about stage presence and I’ve never seen a bad picture of her. 

Here is hers…

Would definitely rather be the woman on the right. 

Why do we get tricked into thinking our early 20s are some golden time never again to be recaptured? 

I remember once reading an article in a women’s fashion magazine that said that scientifically a woman’s most beautiful moment was around age 34. I have no remembrance of the methodology here, but it was meant as a shock that women could “peak” past their 30s. Looking at the photos of badass women in my life, none of us have peaked yet and I’m almost ten years past 34… 

* * * *