Newsletter editor Lily here, popping in with my periodic hello.

Last year, I was unfortunately unable to attend the Chairman Mom Flee due to teaching my college class over at Wesleyan smack dab in the middle of the event. This year, depending on how things shake out with a big meeting I have on Thursday (fingers and toes cross, y’all!), I may have the same dilemma as last year with teaching days. (But I’m hoping not!)

I was really jealous of all of the photos and anecdotes from the Chairman Mom team about a women-centric paradise in the mountains with no men around to bother them. So much so that I decided to create a “mini-Flee” for me and seven friends.

This summer, my gal pals and I are renting a beyond gorgeous lake house in the Hudson Valley for a weekend that has everything: A private lake with a dock and fish, a tennis court, a fire pit, a huge deck, an outdoor barbecue station, and a sauna. Even better: The property is owned by two amazing women who are best friends and bring their families up there for the skiing and rent it out the rest of the year.

And unsurprisingly, these women are on top of their sh*t. They responded to all of my messages within minutes, and they sent me a 12-page welcome packet with a comprehensive list of restaurants, hiking trails, tourist attractions, small businesses, and food delivery the day after we booked the house. Plus, while our trip isn’t for many months, they’ve periodically checked in to make sure we’re all set and to see if we have any questions.

The whole idea for the weekend is for a bunch of incredible women to sit around, catch up, make new friends, and relax. Our days are going to be flexible with talking, napping, hiking, noshing, s’mores-making, and more, and we’re all going to come together for big home-cooked communal dinners at night.

I can’t wait. And while I’m hoping I can make the Chairman Mom Flee this year, a short trip to remember why you love the women in your life is a close second.

* * * *