I have been so manipulated by the LEGO company. The epic rain so far this year in San Francisco means that we’ve now seen The LEGO Movie 2 THREE TIMES in the theatre. Paul was groaning about it being nothing more than a marketing channel, to which I said, “So was He-Man and it brought me and my brother a lot of joy, so stuff it.” To say nothing of the weirdly manufactured Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

But still the degree to which I’ve been played is nagging at me. Our plan Saturday was to see the movie and then go to the LEGO store in the same mall right after.

BUT, I keep telling myself, there are worse things to be manipulated into. My kids were never super into LEGOs before (Yes, I pluralize it. I know it’s not accurate but “LEGO” used as the plural sounds super pretentious to my 1970s ear. It was a simpler time when we just threw “s” on the end of everything…) and now my daughter has been going crazy building imaginative things out of a 500-brick collection we bought her.

Like the kitty cat and his house which is hooked up to a trailer that a robot drives around. “So he can always take a little bit of home with him,” said the child of divorce living in two homes wistfully.

Also, the LEGO movie—if you haven’t seen it—has a pretty amazing message about toxic masculinity at the end. (Love, friendship, hopefulness, and teen pop music triumph over loner, Raptor-raising, brooding and agro-male-posturing.)

We let the kids build their own LEGO people at the mall yesterday, and they decided to build our family. It was a fascinating way to see into their little minds of how they view us and each other.

First off, both Eli and Evie separately built Eli as a girl with long hair, and both built Apple Paul with a lush head of hair and a half-zipped hoody/bomber jacket. Evie’s take on Eli and Apple are below: 

Apple looks a bit like the Fonz…And is that a press badge Eli is wearing? Oh, Lord, Eli don’t grow up to become a journalist…

Apple, FWIW, built Evie too:

That’s a stunning likeness to Evie’s “cheese face”, seen here in overdrive when she met Mickey Mouse:

(I swear to God she was happy in that moment…)

But my favorite LEGO person I only noticed when we got home. I pulled out this badass and I was like “Whoa! Who is this cool person with the awesome hair, killer shades, knowing confident smirk, and on-trend blazer with shoved up sleeves and a pop of color underneath?”

Evie said, “That’s you mom!”


* * * *