On Monday, I got a note from a Chairman Mom member who had asked a question a few weeks ago, and it hadn’t been posted yet. She was anxious to know if it was coming up, why it hadn’t gone up yet, and—mostly—just anxious to get answers from the amazing, amazing Chairman Mom community she has come to rely on.

Her question was scheduled for this coming Friday, but I moved it up. Problem solved for her, but there is a bigger problem. It’s one of those “good problems to have”: Our growth rate has been exploding this year.

We don’t totally know why. We have a lot of exciting discussions and paperwork being done with companies and organizations purchasing Chairman Mom memberships for their employees and communities, but most of that isn’t live quite yet. And we are doing absolutely zero consumer marketing.

I think—hope—it’s the network effects that we always assumed would kick in at some point. We know from our recent consumer survey (52 NPS!) that people love Chairman Mom, so they tell their friends. (Thank you!) I also think and hope that it keeps going and isn’t some sort of blip! (Keep it up!)

It’s been fun to see new user names pop up on the site everyday and see new users rapidly become power users! But that means we’re getting more questions asked than we ever have before. It’s made my job easy: I can schedule questions out into April and the panic of “do we have good questions today?” is one less thing for me to worry about.

But I am worried that the delay to get answers and support from our amazing community may be stressing some folks out. So I’m going to try posting three to four questions a day, up from our regular two questions a day.

Why was it ever capped at two? Because we don’t want to be a time suck, for one thing. We know you are busy. That’s one of many reasons our business model is subscription-based and not ad-based. We want you to get $5 of value out of the site, not manipulate you into doing what advertisers want you to do.

We also love the idea of thousands of women descending on a few problems a day. When the Chairman Mom community turns its entire attention to you, it feels like standing in the sun. It’s unlike anything else online, IMHO.

I frequently think about what this member wrote after posting a question about needing a critique of her resume and the amazing response (and eventually job offer with her dream salary!) she got:

“What a contrast to the online world of Twitter/Next Door/Facebook. NEVER in a million years would I even consider those applications a source of advice, let alone comradery. By contrast, I trust this community to be decent, and I’m humbled by the passion so many bring to the conversations herein. In my mind, a question is posed and a rush of competent and compassionate members seeking to uplift, protect, defend and support one another respond.”

So I hope increasing the number of questions just a bit means that every member is still getting the support and love this community is known for and those who need it are getting it in a more timely manner.
(P.S. Not too late to join in on @Petya’s “Chairman Mom hug” request from Monday…)

* * * *