I know we all know this. But when you are trying to get healthier, so many programs and experts tell you that weighing yourself daily is important for accountability. “Just don’t fixate on it!” they say cheerily. As if a taunting little electronic read-out that refused to budge or even goes up the more you do isn’t something to fixate on when you are trying desperately to get in shape.

It’s made worse if you have one of those stupid scales that claim to read body fat. Paul insisted on getting “the most accurate one.” “The most accurate one” told me a few weeks ago that I was “obese.” Paul followed up with some of those pinchers and I screamed at him that I didn’t want anymore measurement tools in this house making me feel bad about myself. And then I let him measure me, and guess what? I’m not obese. The Withings scale is just full of sh*t.

I just completed the Orange Theory Fitness Transformation Challenge, and I was totally dreading the weigh in because it’s such a bad way to gauge progress! I was logging my calories, eating a mostly lean protein and vegetable vegetarian diet, I was doing OTF four times a week and running and doing Soul Cycle other days as well. I even gave up whiskey halfway through. There was little more I could do. And yet, I knew that damn scale wasn’t going to budge.

Guess what? I lost five pounds. Five pounds over eight weeks isn’t amazing, but it’s something. More meaningful though: I lost a full three inches on my stomach and hips. Which explains why I entered the challenge wearing size 30 jeans and now am even fitting into some 27s.

The scale is just a liar. It’s somehow in league with the patriarchy.

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