Newsletter editor Lily here.

I’m a big fan of filmmaker Casey Neistat and jeweler Candice Pool’s podcast Couples Therapy. For those who don’t know them, husband Casey is a big-time YouTuber who’s also had a slew of highly praised film projects, while wife Candice has been a long-time entrepreneur with a series of successful high-end jewelry lines and other side projects.

Casey and Candice have had a very winding road to their current marriage—including getting married at a courthouse in their bathing suits one month into dating in their twenties (it was annulled a month later), breaking up and getting back together every year for a decade, and now getting married (again) and having two kids. Each episode is brutally honest, with both of them opening up about their struggles with their marriage and their daily life. Their conversations mirror a lot of what we talk about on Chairman Mom: Figuring out how to split parenting and household responsibilities, finding a system for making decisions together, trying to meld different parenting approaches, and more.

One of my favorite moments of the podcast though came in their latest episode. Casey and Candice opened up about the fact that their older daughter Francine, who’s four or five, has been a tiny human terror recently around bedtime. After trying every suggestion under the sun for months on end to get her to go to sleep at a normal hour, the couple’s pediatrician recommended giving a droplet-sized amount of melatonin to Francine in her favorite drink to calm her down. It worked immediately.

Of course, as Casey explains in the episode, parenting doesn’t always go according to plan, and even the best of intentions can lead to some unintended consequences. One evening, he gave Francine her strawberry milk with melatonin, and she didn’t drink it all before bed. Tired, Casey left the sippy cup on the kitchen counter and thought he’d just clean it up the next morning. Instead, Francine woke up before him and proceeded to drink the rest of the melatonin milk an hour before school—and she all but passed out for several hours, sleeping through the entire morning. Needless to say, Francine was more than a little late to school that day.

At this point in the episode, Casey and Candice started laughing hysterically. And in the midst of how high-stakes parenting can feel all the time, the two of them are a great reminder that it’s okay to chuckle at the little mishaps that come with being a parent. It can’t be totally serious all the time. Plus, both Casey and Candice were honest that something similar would probably happen again in the future—after all, they’re two busy, exhausted people raising young children. Chances are they’ll leave another sippy cup on the counter at some point. And in reality, they remind listeners, will a late morning or two due to misplaced strawberry milk really be the end of the world? That’s just life. And it doesn’t make them bad parents.

* * * *