The Washington Post recently did a piece that summed up everything I’ve been thinking of the Democratic Primary coverage so far. Put simply: At a time when there’s never been more diversity in the field of candidates, the media has awarded the most fawning coverage and greatest volume of coverage to “the B-boys”: The three white men in the race. They’ve essentially been named the de facto frontrunners insanely early in the cycle.

I work very hard not to make Chairman Mom another place where people rant about politics, get into fights and get angry and feel more divided. There’s the rest of the Internet for that. So I’m not going to get into my personal views on any of these three candidates here.

There are things that have been politicized, that Chairman Mom, as an organization, takes a stand on: Truth matters. Science matters. Equality matters. Not sexually assaulting women and getting away with it matters. Beyond that, we want people to feel comfortable on this site no matter what they believe. (Our threads on issues like guns in homes show that we have a lot of political diversity of thought here, and so far, the same old Facebook-esque fights don’t erupt.)

The broader point I want to make is to call out the BS that somehow 2019 is a terrible time to be a white man. We’ve had threads on this on the site before about men who complain that they are getting frozen out of positions because they don’t tick a diversity box. And, yes, there are white men who might have gotten a promotion or a job before who aren’t now because organizations are trying to be more diverse for heartfelt or optics reasons. I know men stuck in this spot.

But we all know those are rounding errors. Look at all of the gallons of metaphorical ink about female founders and female VCs banding together to support them: THE PERCENTAGE OF FEMALE FOUNDERS GETTING FUNDED HAS NOT MOVED.

But even if it was more broad, what is hard to accept if you’re a white man (or white woman, for that matter) is that this is a correction to account for the unfair advantages that you’ve had, even getting to the point where you could get denied some “sure thing” promotion, job, or raise.

Not only is 2019 not a horrible time to be a white man, it’s a great time to be a performatively woke white man.

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