The other day I was getting a wax (after reading this CM thread) and the aesthetician asked if I were a kind of flower or herb, which I would be? “Rosemary,” I said immediately. I had just been reading something about how rosemary is so intense that it has to be used sparingly or it’s loud a** voice takes over an entire recipe. It’s also an acquired taste.

She answered turmeric, which seems intense, but is really quite mild and healing. I thought that was a good answer.

I’m in Jamaica right now, and I’ve been thinking about what my kids are. Eli was pretty easy, and I see “him” on my walk to the yoga studio each day here. He’s a morning glory. He stretches the skirts of his lavender gown out each morning in a dramatic and colorful sweep and then later scrunchies up when he no longer wants his fabulousness on display. Eli has spent first grade parsing when he feels safe to be his walking rainbow self and when he needs to self-protect.

But Evie was harder. I went through a lot of ideas. Cactus? No because while she’s resilient and tough and her element is definitely water, she isn’t remotely prickly. Part of what’s remarkable about Evie’s social game is how un-prickly she appears. She can charm anyone into anything. Cactuses are many things but not charming. Paul suggested a Venus Fly Trap. But Evie isn’t a predator and she adores small living things. She literally couldn’t hurt a fly. The only things she’s ever aggressive against are older boys. She punches up. Literally.

Finally I got it: Jasmine. She’s tiny and delicate looking (much cuter than rosemary) but packs a powerful perfume smell and taste that is therapeutic enough to be widely used in teas and incense. She soothes and makes everything better. She alleviates aches and pains, improves your mood, relieves stress, and boosts energy (according to the Internet.)

Jasmine is also known to boost the immune system…that one not so much. Evie tends to compromise my immune system more than relieve it…

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