Last night, we held our first monthly meet up for members called The Chairman Mom Preach. It was so amazing. More than 50 women came out to eat tacos, drink wine, connect and most importantly, make asks for what they want and offer what they can give.

There were definitely power users in force. People were introducing each other by user names and comparing their favorite threads. (I basically mobbed @abigrrrl, who I’ve never met IRL, but we’ve talked about some of the most personal aspects of motherhood on the site.) There were also new members who came along, not quite sure what this cult was all about, continually asking things like, “Oh, wait, I can actually ask that on the site???”

We didn’t have an agenda, because we just wanted to give folks the opportunity to BE. But I said a few words welcoming folks with a mic, and soon a user named Molly piped up and said, “You said to come with an ask and I have one.” I passed her the microphone and she asked if anyone had a nanny recommendation because hers is leaving and she is close to desperate (it’s also live on the site right now if you have a suggestion for her!).

I asked if anyone else had an ask. We passed the microphone around organically like that for a bit with everyone boldly doing what the patriarchy has tried to talk us out of since the first moment we drew breath: Advocate for ourselves. 

I introduced the Chairman Mom team, including Catherine Connors, who is working on building out an influencer and affiliate program where we can elevate thought leaders and SHARE REVENUE with the amazing women in our community. When I said we’d rather give our marketing budget to women than to Facebook, the cheers in the room caught me off guard and nearly two-thirds of the women there sought out Catherine to tell her why they are—not should be or want to be—thought leaders and who the other amazing women are that they would love to follow on Chairman Mom.

No one is more used to the uniqueness, the generosity and the vulnerability of the Chairman Mom community than we are because no one spends more time in it than we do. But even our team was blown away by the conversations we had last night. Thanks to Molly Choma for taking the gorgeous pictures in this newsletter. And massive thanks to the Assembly team for all their help and letting us use their gorgeous space.

Don’t feel FOMO: We are doing this the first Monday of every month and it is absolutely free for Chairman Mom members. Sign up for April here for those of you in San Francisco!

* * * *