A few years ago, I was lucky enough to get to know Kathy Spillar, the executive editor of Ms. Magazine and executive director of the Feminist Majority Foundation. I was working on my book and hosting my dinners for badass Silicon Valley women, many of whom were having their first feminist “awakening” in the post-Trump era. My friend Michele Dauber thought these born-again feminists should connect with one of the oldest institutions who’d been doing the work since Gloria Steinem’s days.

At the first Ms. Magazine Bay Area lunch I met the producers of the Oscar-winning Period: End of Sentence and sat next to a woman who was part of the decision for UN Women to reject working with Uber, in part due to things my reporting was turning up about them. It was a pretty amazing few hours of reaching across industries and geographies to meet women working on behalf of other women who I wouldn’t have been able to meet before.

This year’s luncheon is coming up, and one of the honorees is Michele for her hard-fought and hard-won effort to recall Judge Aaron Persky. It’s April 29 in Menlo Park, Chairman Mom has a table, and we’ve got a handful of seats left. Would you like to join us? You will leave feeling like we’re making progress and we’ve got a plan.

If so, send a note to mom@chairmanmom.com. First come, first serve!
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