For the May Preach event, we are doing things a little differently.

We will still have food, wine, and badasses, but this month we’ll also have some light programming. The amazing Amanda Munday, bestselling author of the newly released Day Nine: A Postpartum Depression Memoir, will join us to talk about her amazing book and unforgettable journey as a working mom. (And relatively new entrepreneur!)

If you were at the Chairman Mom Flee last year, you probably spent time with Amanda, and if you are active on the site, you’ve probably engaged in threads with her. She’s definitely one of my favorite people I’ve gotten to know through Chairman Mom. (So much so that I wrote a blurb for her book!)

But we don’t just want to hear Amanda’s horror-turned-inspirational story. We want to hear yours! It’s an idea I’ve been thinking about for a while: A regular IRL event where women share their stories around a loose theme. Isn’t that the spirit of Chairman Mom?

At the first Chairman Mom Preach, one of the attendees noted that every woman loves telling her own birth story. And we all kinda like hearing them right? They’re all so gross, horrifying, beautiful, and almost superhuman in terms of pain and accomplishment.

So this month, in addition to hearing from Amanda, we want to hear a few of your own outrageous birth stories. Want to tell your story? Send an email to with the subject like “Beat this insane birth story” telling us why your story should be the one picked. We’ll come up with fun thank-you gifts (including a free copy of Amanda’s book!) for those selected beyond the fame of sharing your more harrowing intimate moments of motherhood with a room of badass women.

If you haven’t RSVP’d for the Preach, GO HERE! If you donate $30 or more to cover the cost of the event, we’ll give you a signed copy of Amanda’s book. If you’ve lived through childbirth, you’ll commiserate. If you never want to have children, we may reinforce that decision. Maybe it’s one to skip if you are nine months pregnant…or maybe you want to know the worst-case scenario that could await you.

Either way, it should be another amazing evening.

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