Newsletter editor Lily here.

Yesterday I had a little bit of a moment on the train when I was heading up to teach my class. I’d just gotten on a car to find a seat, rolling a suitcase in front of me because I’m traveling this weekend, and lugging my giant purse on my shoulder. Suddenly, a bro in a suit and Airpods appears, and he’s walking towards my direction down the aisle from the opposite train car door.

Despite the fact that it was obvious that I was carrying more stuff, when we met in the middle of the aisle and had to do that “who moves to the left” song and dance, I refused to move. He stopped and made this confused look, so as to say, “Why aren’t you moving for me?” The whole interaction took an extra 4-5 seconds than it usually does.

But dude, I’m not moving anywhere. I held my ground and squinted my eyes and practically willed him aside so I could walk through with all of my stuff. He looked visibly annoyed.

It’s these little moments where I try to remember: It’s not my responsibility to clear the path for men, especially when common sense and courtesy say otherwise. I hope you all remember that going into your weekend. Don’t move in the aisle when the man can move too.

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