One of my greatest joys in building Chairman Mom is the dozens of real-world friendships I’ve made over the site. There is something truly magical about how deeply people connect on this site about the most personal aspects of their lives, while frequently not knowing what anyone looks like, where they work, what their name is, what age they are, or any of the other things that usual define the beginning of a networking event or a friendship. You can’t really “size” someone up on Chairman Mom.

As a result, I have friends on Chairman Mom who I know nothing surface-y about, but know nearly everything deep about. It’s always an intense experience to meet CM friends in real life for that reason. Like: “I know every single thing about your marriage, but what is your name, actually?”

I’ve gotten to know more than a hundred of you at events like The Chairman Mom Flee or the Chairman Mom Preach. (If you are new to the site, check both out! The Flee is an immersive four day getaway to an old gold mining town; The Preach is a free monthly event for members in San Francisco, expanding to other cities soon! Our next Preach is on May 6th in SF and you can RSVP here!)

Increasingly, members also message me when they are passing through town. I had a OTF-date with @tweenmom last week and met @laurels for lunch. I met a bunch of users up in Seattle over the course of a few trips.

Later this year, we’re going to building more functionality that allows you to seamlessly, without email coordination and without effort or obligation, find more ways to connect IRL with other Chairman Mom members. I think it’ll be invaluable for people new to cities, new to jobs or industries, or attending high-density conferences for a few days. But until then, I hope you guys are reaching out to other members when you connect around certain topics. One of the biggest things working women (moms or not) struggle with is making IRL friends. I’ve made more than 20 close friends on Chairman Mom and have come to rely on many of these women for keeping me sane and grounded—which was definitely not something I expected when we launched almost a year ago.

We always encourage you to make asks when it comes to work on Chairman Mom—it’s also OK to make asks when it comes to grabbing coffee with another CM member!

Today’s new questions on Chairman Mom:

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