Newsletter editor Lily here.

My 25th birthday is coming up in two weeks, and as with every year, I was generally aware of its looming existence but didn’t actually realize just how quickly it was approaching until the end of March.

I’ve been talking about this with friends a lot in recent months, but as I stare down the back half of my twenties, I’m aware of just how much is going to happen in the next five years—and how different it’ll be from what happened in the last five. My friends, who range greatly in age, are moving out of New York and moving in with significant others and going to grad school and switching careers and getting engaged and getting married and having kids. My family is getting older and moving around and leaving our home base in Jacksonville, where they’ve been situated for well over a decade and a half. 

And while I’m acutely aware that there’s plenty of life left to live after the next five years, I can’t help but think about the fact that I’ll make the first real set of big life decisions that could reverberate for years and decades to come. Where you live, who you surround yourself with, what you work on, and how you manage the logistics of your life starts to matter more and more. People expect you to know things all of a sudden in a way they didn’t when you’re 17 or 22. That just feels a little weird.

What about you? Did you have a similar realization around 25? Did yours come sooner or later? I want to know!

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