Mama Bear Robin Wolaner sent me this piece over the weekend. It’s the story of Amy Norman’s horrific experience building Little Passports. Whoa, Nelly. Feeling sorry for yourself? Read this.

If there’s a positive take-away from Norman’s story of divorce and almost losing her home and losing her dad while trying to build her dream, it’s her resilience and the role model she is to her kids.

If there’s a lesson for the Valley it’s this: Sometimes it only takes one person to believe in rock stars like Norman. In this case, it was Jeff Weiner of LinkedIn. From the piece: “The economy was just terrible, but Jeff had committed to put the money in. He said, ‘I committed to lead this round and this is a terrible time to launch a consumer business, but I gave you my word.’ It wasn’t like we had signed anything yet. And he said, ‘I’m going to stick by that.’ And he also knew what was happening in my personal life and I will give him credit to this day for not underestimating what a woman can do, what a human can do if they have it in them.”

I want to be clear: Amy is the badass who made this dream a reality. But when you are a single mom struggling to keep your home and your dream sometimes you need someone—even one person—to have your back and believe in you. I know because I’ve been that mom.

I talk to rich dudes all the time who wonder how they can change things. It’s simple. Be that person for one female founder. If every millionaire in Silicon Valley did that the ratio would change. (And statistically speaking, they’d make money because multiple studies show female founders outperform on average.)

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