Netflix’s algorithms have some explaining to do. It said that Beyoncé’s Homecoming was a 67% match for me.


A word to Netflix.

The other day, Eli insisted someone said “Beyoncé” instead of “fiancé” in a show we were watching because he felt Beyoncé was more relevant to life than whatever the h*** a “fiancé” is.

Evie once convinced me—when I was flat broke—to buy her a pair of solid gold Adidas with the argument, “I think Beyoncé would want me to have these.”

Beyoncé should not only have been a 99.99% match for me. It should have been a 99.99% match for my entire family.

I am frankly ashamed it took me a month to watch it. But last night, my kids were at dad’s house, Paul was out with friends, and I sat down with a Sriracha, peanut butter and pickle sandwich, poured myself a glass of wine and IMBIBED.

Even if you are truly a 67% match for Beyoncé, watch this thing. She clearly and historically brought Black culture to Coachella. But she also brought working mom reality to Coachella. Beyoncé as a mother rebuilding her career and her confidence after twins (and infidelity) is some of the best parts of the film.

I mean. Beyoncé has imposter syndrome. Beyoncé didn’t feel like she could bounce back professionally post-twins. Beyoncé felt torn to be with her babies instead of busting her a** in a studio.

“Just trying to balance being a mother of a six year old and twins…it’s not like before when I could rehearse 15 hours straight…I definitely pushed myself further than I thought I could…I feel like I’m a new woman in a new chapter in my life and I’m not even trying to be the woman I was…it’s just beautiful how children can do that to you.”

Every woman who was ever cheated on knows Lemonade was REAL. And every woman who has had to go back to work after giving birth knows those words are REAL.

I wish more women led with the kind of vulnerability and realness and power in that thin line between weakness and strength that is motherhood. No one can touch it when we own it.

Men can’t do this—biologically, literally, and figuratively. We should all feel like warriors.

We woke up like this. We wake up like this every d*** day.

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