I say it all the time in media interviews: One of the most devious tricks the patriarchy has ever pulled is convincing us that childbirth—the only thing that continues the species and the bar by which all other pain and endurance is measured—is somehow a sign of weakness. If men gave birth, we wouldn’t be embarrassed or view it as “gross” or “messy” or a punchline in every 80s sitcom. It would be live streamed and sponsored by Mountain Dew.

It is strange how often men refer to startups or movies or projects as “their babies” in order to signal something you would love so much you’d sacrifice anything for it—at the same time those same men look at a pregnant job applicant and see “weakness.”

Whether or not you have had kids or ever want to have kids, this warrior like stamina and ferocious love is within you.

I can’t think of a better speaker to blow this myth apart than bestselling author, entrepreneur and early Chairman Mom power user Amanda Munday. Amanda is our guest at tonight’s Chairman Mom Preach (free to Chairman Mom members if you sign up here!) talking about her book Day Nine about her harrowing journey with postpartum depression that ultimately made her a powerhouse.

While Amanda’s book has been a breakout success in Canada, this is her very first stop of her U.S. book tour. And like all women, she had a moment of vulnerability on Instagram yesterday. “Will people come? Will they care?”

I can relate. Promoting my third book was a major head f*ck for me because it was by far the most personal thing I’d ever written. After spending 20 years getting torn apart in social media for being a female journalist, I’d built all the walls to protect and steel myself—out of sheer survival. But when you write a memoir, you are lowering all those defenses and inviting the world to come in and tromp around in your heart with its muddy boots and then judge you and reject you.

So I hope you’ll all come tonight because the Preach is such an amazing monthly dose of “NO IT’S NOT YOU!” hugs and solidarity. But I really hope you’ll come because Amanda deserves a massive Mama Bear surge of support as she starts her U.S. book tour!
(Books will be for sale at the event! Also, can’t come tonight but would love to hear from Amanda? We’re doing an event at Box’s headquarters in Redwood City at 4pm tomorrow as well. The event is designed for parents at Box, but they are happy for any Chairman Mom members to join! Just email mom@chairmanmom.com to get on the list.)

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