I woke up this morning to a lot of chaos (natch) and two emails that underline why I think Chairman Mom is on the precipice of something so powerful.

From Chairman Mom power user Amanda Munday, who we hosted two book events for in two days: “I woke up full of gratitude. Spending the last two days with the CM crew, at my fav (company) Box, hanging out and chatting about work and not work, it’s all a big dream.”

And from Chelsea who co-runs the Families@Box group where we hosted Amanda’s second event: “This event will definitely go down as one of the most meaningful in my career.” (Amanda and Chelsea in the Box bus below.)

Amanda’s mini-book tour was the start of what we intend to do a lot more of, and a big reason we hired Catherine Connors to build out an influencer and affiliate network for us. (Email Catherine@chairmanmom.com if you want to know more! Launching soon!)

You all know this because you are members of the community: We have so many amazing thought leaders in this tribe. And companies like Box who we are selling to always want inspirational speakers for their women’s and families groups. We can help out badasses like Chelsea and brilliant burgeoning authors and thought leaders like Amanda at the same time.

Women helping women helping women helping women. (And dads. I was excited to see so many dads from Box in the audience.) As we expand the companies offering Chairman Mom as a benefit, this flywheel becomes that much more powerful.

I’m particularly struck by this on a day that Uber’s drivers are striking because they hate the company they work for and rely on so much…not all startups have this kind of dual marketplace with love on both sides. We don’t fuel our business via cheap addiction techniques. We do it with love.

Our Monday Preach event with Amanda was also amazing. Some 50 women crammed into a room at the Assembly passing around the wine, gripped by Amanda’s story and ultimately offering her a lot of (semi-solicited) marital advice!

Today’s new questions on Chairman Mom:

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