Um…how is June already here???

Monday is our monthly Chairman Mom Preach event with free wine, food, and badasses for CM members! This month it will include an extra dose of inspiration: Our guest is Rebecca Hanover Kurzweil, author of the young adult sensation The Similars, which was published early this year.

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Rebecca is another one of those amazing women I went to high school with who keeps popping up at Chairman Mom events. I reconnected with her maybe a decade ago when she’d moved back to the Bay Area after a stint in New York writing for Guiding Light and basically living a teenager in the 90s dream life.

But her heart was always in the world of young adult fiction. For those who don’t know, it is absolutely the most crowded and competitive market to get published in. Everyone it seems has a young adult franchise in their mind that they are convinced can be the next Twilight or Hunger Games. But surviving the YA category takes more than just an idea.

I was so proud and thrilled to devour The Similars earlier this year and have been dying to have her at a Preach to talk about the hard work of making passion into reality. I’m VERY late in promoting this event so I hope a crowd of you will be able to make it! As an added bonus Catherine Connors will be up from LA as I’ll basically be stepping off a plane from London an hour before it starts!

Oh, and Rebecca will be signing books!

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