Sometimes I get asked how Chairman Mom is different that Quora. It’s not a crazy question. Both sites have question and answer around challenging topics at the core of what we do.

The answer of course is our community, but “community” isn’t an accident. It’s the result of a million tiny decisions you make—from business model to growth strategy to each feature you bake into a product.

Examples? By being a subscription based company, we don’t need to addict you into spending more and more time on the site, we just need to give you $5/month of value. And by focusing our fastest growth on companies buying Chairman Mom for employees, we are finding working women where we know they are and where we know we can impact their lives: At work. Contrast that to what we’d get if we were flooding social media with a bunch of must-click, divisive “bad mom/good mom” porn to drive in new users.

And then there is every single product decision aimed at eliminating toxicity. No threaded conversations. No up and down votes. No negative emoji options. And on and on.

Community isn’t an accident. It’s engineered.

But that’s a nuanced explanation. Fortunately this past weekend Quora’s algorithms sent me (me!) a personalized newsletter that shows in one image why we are different. (It also backs up each of these points.)

I can GUARANTEE you will never see questions like these on Chairman Mom…

Nearly 90% of women witness mom shaming on existing social media. Never here.

Today’s new questions on Chairman Mom:

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